In the Fight Against the Elements, We’re Your Ally

No matter how tough your roof is, the elements will slowly wear down your roof over time.

Recently, A.O. Roofing Services headed out to a customer’s home in Lakeland to replace their weathered roof. Damage from the wind and other elements led to missing shingles, as well as missing granules. Because of this, their insurance required they replace their roof.

This was a 5,000-square-foot roof with a 15-year manufacturer’s warranty. Check out the before and after pictures of the project below. 




The damage to the roof included damage to the roof granules. These are the exterior coating on asphalt shingles that provide an extra layer of protection against the sun, wind, and rain. They also prevent the interior layers of the shingle, the asphalt and fiberglass mat, from being exposed to elements, helping them last longer. 

Damaged granules open up the shingles to further damage, so it was essential to get this roof replaced quickly. The original roof used architectural shingles, which are sturdier, more aesthetically shingles. We went with this same shingle style for the new roof, using Atlas brand architectural shingles to provide a great ratio of quality to cost, plus great features like anti-algae protection. 

Another advantage of Atlas architectural shingles is the wide range of colors they come in; we used Burnt Hickory for this roof, a dark brown shade with a touch of red that goes great with the color of the house. 

In addition to the shingles, the underlayment that goes below them is also essential for protection. We used an Ice and Water shield underlayment, which provides superior protection against rain, storms, and ice. 

When You Need a New Roof Fast, Call the Experts at A.O. Roofing Services

Replacing your roof is not something you want to put off. That’s why we wasted no time getting this Polk County customer’s new roof installed, and completed the project in a single day. Need your roof replaced or repaired quickly? Contact us today to get started with a free estimate!

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