Asphalt to Metal and Beyond: Understanding the Pros and Cons of Shingle Materials

Most residential roofs use shingles for a cost-effective, aesthetically pleasing, and durable method of keeping the home protected. When it comes to shingles, there are a variety of possible materials, from metal to asphalt to wood and more. In this article, the pros at A.O. Roofing Services will take a closer look at the most common shingles materials and discuss the pros and cons of each. 


Asphalt is the most common shingle material in the U.S. They’re made up of one or more layers of asphalt, and they have a number of advantages. 



  • A shorter lifespan of 15-30 years
  • High winds can blow them off your roof more easily than other types because of their light weight.


Wood shingles aren’t super common in modern times, but they are used occasionally, especially when a homeowner wants a rustic look.


  • Provide a pleasing, rustic look to your roof
  • Are natural insulators
  • A lifespan of about 30 years


  • Requiring frequent maintenance
  • Being inadvisable in fire-prone areas
  • Particularly prone to rot and mold
  • Fairly expensive


Metal shingles are an increasingly popular choice for shingle material, most commonly made from aluminum or copper. 


  • Extremely durable, lasting 40-70+ years
  • Considered highly attractive, especially copper
  • Fire, mold, and algae resistant
  • Lightweight


  • More expensive than asphalt
  • Noisier than other shingle types


Slate, a type of stone, is also used to make shingles. This style is not the most popular, but it has some distinct advantages.


  • Extraordinary lifespan, able to last more than 100 years with proper maintenance
  • A distinct look providing aesthetic appeal
  • Extremely resistant to fire and weather


  • The heaviest shingle material, requiring more support than other shingles
  • The most expensive type of shingle
  • Can be brittle, leading to breakage when walked on

Whatever Shingle Material You Want, A.O. Roofing Is Here for You

There are a variety of shingle materials available, all with unique advantages and disadvantages. Wondering which option is right for you? Contact the pros at A.O. Roofing Services and we’ll gladly help you out. We serve Central Florida out of our office based in Winter Haven.

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